Innovative approaches that create tangible results

Dunefield is committed to strengthening communities through smart, people-centred development. Our areas of expertise are urban strategies, sustainability innovation and economic development.

Urban Strategies. We stimulate the exchange of ideas between cities, residents, entrepreneurs, designers and developers to create a vision of vitality and sustainability. Through an open dialogue, we develop urban strategies and concepts that contribute to affordable housing, placemaking, bikability, cultural identity and economic vibrancy.

Sustainability Innovation. We implement leading-edge innovations and best practices for community development, circular economy, resiliency, urban design and high-performance buildings. We work closely with European and North American innovators to address the challenges of our cities.

Community Economic Development. We build and implement community economic development strategies that provide growth for knowledge-intensive, green and creative industries. We are experts in creating opportunities for independent businesses that serve the community, strengthen local culture and provide inclusive employment.