Our added value to your development project

Dunefield Consulting is committed to making your spatial development project a success. Our areas of expertise are affordable housing, sustainable building innovations and economic development.

Affordable Housing. We help cities, developers and housing providers build more and better affordable housing options. Leveraging our experience in The Netherlands, we develop high-quality and financially robust public housing through public-private partnerships. We have successfully created affordable housing strategies and completed many senior, student and workforce housing projects.

Sustainable Building Innovations. We implement European solutions for affordable, healthy and energy-efficient buildings in the North American context. In our projects, we work closely with Dutch and Canadian knowledge institutes and industry innovators to develop intelligent and sustainable buildings that meet our future needs.

Economic Development. We create economic development strategies that provide growth opportunities for knowledge-intensive, green and creative industries. As an expert in the economic aspects of urban revitalization, we perform feasibility studies for (re)development opportunities and optimize the land and real estate economics.